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"I'm so glad I joined a Small Group"        - Future You


We believe intentional relationships are part of leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. That’s why we put so much emphasis on our small groups and why they are such an important part of our discipleship strategy. Simply put, life change has a greater chance of happening sitting around a circle of friends than it does sitting in rows with strangers.

In a small group, people study God’s word together and talk about life issues and challenges they face. It’s where we pray together, care for one another, and serve the people in our greater community. Practically speaking, the pastoral staff will never be able to meet every single need of everyone who attends our church (we don’t even believe it’s biblical that they do!). That’s why we put so much emphasis on getting people into a small group.



SPRING 2018 


Not Your Normal Book Study | Heather Fuller | Sundays-9:15 am | Grace Point, Room 1

*Come explore what God’s Word says about the issues that break your heart and what you can do about it. Group will read and discuss chapters from Counter Culture by David Platt. $10 on Amazon.

Contact: or 785.427.8142

Christianity Explored | Pastor Josh Cooper | Sundays-9:15 am | Grace Point, Room 2

*For anyone who is new to Grace Point thinking about the big questions of life as they discover the life, teaching, and purpose of Jesus Christ. This group meets for 7 weeks.

Contact: or 785.273.4200

Families | Jade & Michelle Kerr | Sundays-5:00 pm | Northwest Topeka

*Mostly “30 somethings” focusing on creating community. Childcare provided.

Contact: or 785.220-2059

Families | Kerry & Janell Crotinger | Sundays-6:00 pm | North Topeka

*Mostly married “30 somethings” with kids. Childcare provided.

Contact: or 785.249.3764

Senior Adults | Ken & Jo Edwards/Fay Hogarth | 1st Sunday-6:00 pm | Southwest Topeka

*Share meal together, March - May. Childcare not provided.

Contact: 785.235.0211 (Edwards) or 785.478.0550 (Hogarth) 


Men’s Breakfast/Bible Study | Larry Lady | Mondays-7:00 am | Perkins Restaurant

*Men of all ages. Currently studying the Gospel of Matthew. Childcare not provided.

Contact: or 785.409.3815

Mujeres de Fe | Martita Martinez | Mondays-10:00 am | Para información sobre el local de la reunion, llamar a la Hna. Dora o la Hna. Martita

*Un tiempo de estudios temáticos y oración en español, para crecer juntas en los caminos del Señor.

Contacto: Dora Vargas 785.969.0780; Martita Martinez 785.221.2781 *No hay cuidado de niños 


Families | Shane & Christel Bartley | Tuesdays-6:30 pm | Northwest Topeka

*”20 to 40 somethings” with kids. Childcare provided.

Contact: or 785.215.2185

Women’s Group | Ann Dunn | Tuesdays-6:30 pm | Grace Point, Room 1

*Open to all women. Bible study on the fruit of the Spirit. What is of me? What is of the Spirit? Do I pick and choose? How does this garden grow? Childcare not provided.

Contact: or 785.273.4200

Young Marrieds | Dustin & Carrie Jennings | Tuesdays-7:00 pm | Southwest Topeka

*“20 somethings” in newly married to small family relationships. Childcare not provided.

Contact: or 785.220.0685 


The Wellness Revelation Book Study | Enedina Patch | Wednesdays-6:30 pm | Grace Point, Preschool Room

*You will be challenged to get healthy God’s way so He can free you to live with purpose. The study will change the way you perceive yourself, and the way you live your life--it’s not just about the food or the fitness. It’s about living God’s way! It’s time to make a change from the inside out! Childcare not provided.

Cost: $25 (study guide and personalized coaching)

Contact: or 785.364.6351

Families | Ryan & Jill Ritchey | Wednesdays-6:00 pm | Southwest Topeka

*Married “30 somethings” with kids. Childcare provided.

Contact: or 785.266.3189

Men (first 7 men to sign up + waiting list) | Pastor Tim |Wednesdays-6:30-7:30 pm (beginning week of September 24th - week of November 5th) | Pastor Tim’s Office

*Being a male is easy. Being a man is daunting. Sometimes it seems as though everyone wants something from you–your wife, your kids, your boss, and maybe even God. The pressures of manhood can be enormous, and they’re only intensified by the mixed messages you receive from culture. [7] is a small group experience that enables you to explore God’s design for manhood. Childcare not provided.

Cost: $15 (study guide)

Contact: or 785.273.4200

Hispanic Group - Estudio Bíblico en español | Rosa Cano & Juan Carlos Alvarado | Los miércoles a las 6:30 pm en la iglesia de Grace Point usando los salones del “FORT”, prescolar y la cuna.

*Alabanzas, estudio bíblico y convivio para los adultos y los niños, pues son una parte integral de la familia.

Contact: or 785.213.4414 

Chapter Bible Discussion | Kirk & Sharon Johnson and Wayne & Kay Ireland | Wednesdays-6:30-8:30 pm (Group will not meet 4th Wednesday of each month, except January.) | Southwest Topeka

*We will discuss a chapter of a book of the Bible each time we meet, following a 6-question outline. No childcare will be provided, but all ages and stages of life are welcome.

Questions: 1. Key verse of chapter (your opinion) 2. Newspaper title of chapter. 3.Questions 4. New thoughts/insights 5. Cross References 6. Personal application

Contact: or 785.554.6861


Women | Alvina Holmes | Thursdays-9:30 am | Grace Point, Room 1

*Retired/Senior Ladies who join for Bible study and prayer. Childcare not provided.

Contact: or 785.272.6557 


Young Adult Women | Aren Sewell & Sarah Anderson | Every other Friday-7:30 pm | Southwest Topeka

*”20 something” women in college or working. Childcare not provided. First meeting is on January 19.

Contact: or 785.447.0787 


Revelation Wellness Fitness | Enedina Patch | Saturdays-7:00 am | Grace Point, Upper tandem

*This is not your typical fitness class! It will encourage you to love God first, then to be healthy and whole to love others and be fit for God’s mission in your life. Led by a certified instructor, you will experience cardio, kickboxing, drumsticks, circuits and much more in a new way! No prior fitness level is required. Childcare provided.

Cost: Donation $2 per class (punch cards will be available) You will need a water bottle, appropriate workout clothing/shoes. Drumsticks will be provided. Participation waiver will be required.

Contact: or 785.364.6351



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