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We are seeking to build a brand new facility as we plan for (and project) the future growth of Grace Point.

With our new facility, we will:

  • Double our Worship Center seating capacity
  • Increase the effectiveness and safety of our Kids Point ministry space
  • Enhance Jr. High and High School student ministry space
  • Increase parking spaces for guests
  • Emphasize multipurpose space, which cuts down on unnecessary square footage
  • Increase gathering/lobby space

The Timeline:

We began raising funds in October 2016, and will continue the capital campaign for a three-year period. The plan is to gather in our new space by November 2020.

Outside of building

Worship center

Children's area

 Making Room floor plans



In the last four years, Grace Point has doubled in size, with steady growth each year. So it’s time to Make Room. There are over 96,000 people in the Topeka area who have no connection to Jesus and His church. And we’re just crazy enough to do something about it. After all, we desire to be the kind of church that unchurched and de-churched people love to be a part of. But that can’t happen if we don’t make more room. We want the stories in these videos to be repeated over and over again.

A more detailed "why" behind the Making Room Campaign is explained in the five part Making Room Series, found here.


How can I get involved?

1. Pray

2. Fill out Financial Commitment Form available in seatback pockets at church.

3. Online Giving Option


More questions?

Email questions to or call us at (785) 273-4200


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