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Jan 05, 2020 | Pastor Tim Hughes

Dive In: Part 1 - The Deep End

Feeding ourselves spiritually isn’t intended to be another thing on our “to-do” lists. The reason we feed ourselves isn’t just because of what we find there, but who we find there. It’s a way we encounter more of Jesus. It’s a step we take to lead ourselves into a growing relationship with Jesus that’s marked by closeness. As a way to pick up your fork and feed yourself, we invite you to take a step or two.


Growing in Christ means you go from being bottle-fed to being self-fed.

Series Information

Regardless of our age or stage of life, a new year is a great time for reflection and evaluation. What do I want to accomplish this year? What do I want to do differently this year? What do I need to change? In addition to all the resolutions, there are other questions and issues that move outside the realm of personal goals; questions that may lead to personal growth but spiritual and eternal growth as well. Where would I like to see God move this year? Where am I going to invest my time and energy? How do I seek first God’s kingdom while living in the kingdom of America… during an election year? We’re diving in to 2020 with some deep stuff!

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