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It's Complicated

May 05, 2019 | Pastor Tim Hughes

It's Complicated: Part 2 - Harder Than You Thought

We believe the goal of marriage is one-ness. But God says the result of marriage is one-ness. We’ll explore Jesus's not-so-complicated teaching about marriage, divorce and remarriage. And explain why trying to un-one what God has joined may be harder than we think.

You can’t un-one what God has made one.

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You may ask a young couple how their relationship is going, inquire about a friend’s dating life, or check up on the state of a colleague’s marriage and hear the same answer— “It’s complicated.” It’s even one of the options on social media for “relationship status”. To some extent this answer resonates with all of us. Marriage, family, and relationships in general can all be complicated at times.


In this 5-part series we’ll explore what Scripture has to say about those relationships in our life that are a little more complicated than we’d like them to be.

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