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Nov 03, 2019 | Pastor Tim Hughes

Misjudged: Part 1 - Right In Your Eye

Nobody wants to be judged. Just thinking about people forming an opinion of you and looking down on you brings up bad memories and unpleasant emotions. But as Christians, what are we to do when we see someone clearly in the wrong? Are we just to sit and watch them make the same poor decisions for fear of coming across as judgmental? In part one, we'll discuss what our responsibility is when we see something in someone else's life that we know isn't right. 

When you come to terms with the sin in your life it makes you a perfect candidate to address the sin in someone else’s life.

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The dictionary defines “misjudged” as: to form a wrong opinion or conclusion about. Most people are familiar with Jesus' words about not judging but they’ve have landed on the wrong conclusion about what He meant. Are we never supposed to judge other people? Even when a close friend or family member is doing something dishonest or immoral? Are there times when it’s wrong not to judge?

In this four-part series, we’ll tackle this often misjudged topic. We’ll learn the steps to take before confronting someone in our life, how to react when someone judges us, and what Jesus meant when he told us, “Judge not.”

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