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The Group Leader Lobby is here to help you become a great group leader. Even if you've been leading groups for years, we have tons of resources to help you continue to grow. After all, there is no finish line for leader development.

"Leadership is the joyful acceptance of responsibility at any given moment."
Michael Kelley

RightNow Media recommendations

With all of the thousands of possible choices on RNM, narrowing down your small group study options can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Instead of using your time and best energy investing in the people, you're spending that energy reviewing video series to see what would be a good fit.

Healthy small groups strive for a balanced study diet. Rather than binging on one particular type of study - like parenting or marriage - we recommend groups engage in different topics over the course of the year. The following RNM studies are recommended for your small group this year!

  1. Parenting: Navigating Everything with Brett Ullman
  2. Cold-Case Christianity with J. Warner Wallace
  3. Work:(Re)Defined
  4. Two Roads with Robby Angle
  5. How to Fight Racism with Jemar Tisby

virtual playbook

People are craving connection. The hunger to have meaningful conversations and know that someone is in their corner is at an all-time high. A digital group provides great flexibility and an opportunity to connect, pray, and support one another. We know that leading a digital group can be hard and has its own challenges. We want to help. Check out our digital group leader briefing.
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virtual Icebreakers & games

Download these apps to your phone for easy questions to get to know each other better:

  • Game of Questions: Download this app for fun and silly questions.
  • Questions in a Box: Download this app for all kinds of get-to-know-you conversation starters.
  • Card Decks (for couples): For married couples
  • Party Qs: Great questions and spark interesting conversations.

Games can be a great way to grow connections with your group members in a stress-free way. Check out these digital games:

monthly 3-2-1 for group leaders

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