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living as everyday missionaries

We want everyone at Grace Point to embrace their God-given identities as missionaries in their neighborhoods, in their work places, or anywhere else. Most of Grace Point's ministry happens during the week as teachers, nurses, students, business leaders, and stay-at-home moms live out their vocations in their neighborhoods and work places with gospel intentionality. We believe that serving others intentionally and consistently changes you as it impacts those whom you are serving. God has already placed you in a particular place with particular relationships where you are called to advance Jesus' mission right now where you are.

our local partners

Our local ministry partners help us to engage places of Topeka that may be overlooked or underserved. By serving alongside them, we get to share the love of Jesus through relationships and demonstrate that love in practical ways. It's our hope that everyone who calls Grace Point home might serve locally through one of our ministry partners.

  • Topeka North Outreach
  • Topeka Sharefest
  • The Bridge Ministries
  • Topeka Rescue Mission

Our global partners

We believe God has called us, not only to love our community well through compassionate acts of service, but also around the world. How can you get involved in global mission work? There are a lot of ways to join Jesus in His mission to make disciples and expand His kingdom in other places of the world.

  1. Pray: We want to make sure we are praying for people who haven't heard the good news of Jesus' redemptive love.
  2. Give: It takes resources to reach people. We want to be known as an insanely generous church and we start with giving to worthy causes for God's kingdom purposes.
  3. Go: Make no mistake, we are missionaries. We are called by God and sent to go places. Some of us need to go no further than next door or across the street, while others of us are called to serve overseas.


  • Mexico
  • Bulgaria
  • Rwanda

Want more information?

Let us know if you'd like to partner with us to serve Top City or journey overseas on a mission trip. We'd love the opportunity to tell you more.